Joanna Poppink

"Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating is a gift to people who binge eat, want to stop and don't know how. Fulvio knows how to stop and to heal and how to reclaim personhood through health and freedom. I highly recommend this book."

Joanna Poppink, Author of Healing Your Hungry Heart

Avril Swan, MD

"Leora Fulvio provides step-by-step practical, compassionate advice that by its nature will help the reader slow down, gain self-understanding and ultimately the self-acceptance necessary to make positive change."

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Sheira Kahn, MFT

"Ms. Fulvio's voice is clear and comprehensive enough to replace the voice of the eating disorder. There are nuggets of wisdom in every paragraph."

Sheira Kahn, MFT, co-author of The Erasing ED Treatment Manual

About the book

3D-bookMillions of men and women are suffering alone with Binge Eating Disorder. Even though BED is the most common eating disorder, people tend to disregard it. Many people feel ashamed or unable to discuss their issue because they believe that if they had more willpower, or if they were just able to follow this one diet that all their problems would be solved. Unfortunately, because so many people feel so much self-criticism and so much self blame, they don't get the help they need to overcome the disorder. They simply rely on the next diet to help them change. But you don't have to change in order to stop binge eating. You have to heal. Reclaiming Yourself From Binge Eating gives you everything you need to heal without telling you that you need more willpower or a new diet. It does not tell you that you binge because of character defects or that you have to change as a person. This book gives you sustainable solutions to actually heal. It is filled with exercises and homework to help you stop binge eating while helping you to open your mind and your heart to yourself so that you can reclaim the true person that you are while stepping away from binge eating and dieting. Written by Eating Disorder specialist Leora Fulvio, every page of this highly readable book is filled with nuggets of wisdom for healing. Using a combination of mindfulness, behavioral therapy and self-guided meditation, every time you open this book, you are treated to new insights to help you understand why you do what you do and how to stop. Reading this book, doing the exercises and following the step-by-step directions is as healing as going to therapy.


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